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The SBIRT Core Training Activity is a 4 hr activity that covers screening and brief interventions, including Motivational Interviewing, referral to treatment and follow-up. Ready to start your training? Please click the following link:

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SBIRT Core Training Activity

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American Society of Addiction Medicine Supported by: American
Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

NY OASASCertified SBIRT Training Provider
SBIRT Core Training Activity - 4 hrs
Covers screening and brief interventions, including Motivational Interviewing, referral to treatment and follow-up. Integrates new clinical skills via unique interactive cases!
*Improve clinical skills in screening, brief interventions, and referral to treatment for substance use problems!
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  • Nursing Tobacco Interventions - 3 hrs
    Covers tobacco screening, counseling, pharmacological interventions, and reimbursement; DCBN credit
    *Provide tobacco interventions for your patients and get nursing CE credit!

  • Motivational Interviewing - 1 hr
    Covers basic principles of motivational interviewing, with primary care focus
    *Motivate patients to quit substance abuse!

Publication: Tanner TB, Wilhelm SE, Rossie KM, Metcalf MP. Web-based SBIRT skills training for health professional students and primary care providers. Substance Abuse. 2012; 33(3):316-320.

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The is a very informative and beneficial program for healthcare providers of various backgrounds.
- Nashville, TN
Awesome training for the experienced or novice practitioner in how to deal with this very important subject in primary care!
- Catherine McDaniel (Lenoir, NC)
I highly recommend this course to primary care physicians!
- GR (Chicago, IL)
More people in the US die from drug overdose than car accidents!
How can we intervene in addiction?