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SBIRT Core Training Program (4 hr Program) Comments

All comments that are written on the program's post-training surveys:

SBIRT Providers

  • information is wide-ranging and presented well. -SBIRTTraining user (9/1/12)
  • Great program. -SBIRTTraining user (8/29/12)
  • very informative. -SBIRTTraining user (8/27/12)
  • I gained a good understanding of the SBIRT process. -Malone, NY (8/24/12)
  • A very comprehensive program for those in the addiction field that presents the essentilas for screening and treatment in a 4 hour fast tract. Needs to include strategies for relapse prevention. -Dr. Igwacho Peter (8/20/12)
  • This is one of the most well-structured on-line CME courses I have encountered. It also helps improve identification of "root causes" for various medical problems -Philadelphia, PA (5/19/12)
  • I think everyone should take this course. It was excellent. -Marc Lashley MD,FAAP (5/13/12)
  • I came to this program thinking I understood and presently included screening for my patients concerning substance use problems...I leave feeling empowered to be even better and more certain of both screening adequately, gaining insight into the value of online screening test availability, and finding a new resolve to continue to engage in available online education to improve my skills in identifying and treating these disorders. - Mary Jo Cannon MD/St. Kitts and Nevis/West Indies (4/29/12)
  • Essential to any practitioner prescribing significant amounts of potentially addictive drugs. -SBIRTTraining user (4/8/12)
  • The is a very informative and beneficial program for healthcare providers of various backgrounds. -Nashville,TN (3/29/12)
  • Good program. - SBIRTTraining user (3/17/12)
  • I have been using buprenoprhine in my practice for 4 years. The recommended strategies of communicating screening results and application of brief interventional goals is outstanding. -grand haven mi (2/27/12)
  • SBIRT should be done by all primary care doctors. - Verna Bain tennessee (2/25/12)
  • Excellent on-line program. Useful, practical, well organized. Highly recommended. -SBIRTTraining user (2/14/12)
  • I was challenged by this most informative training, feel very good about what I have learned, and have gained new skills for my practice as LCSW and CAP working in both hospital and community based addiction treatment settings.- Tampa, FL (1/16/12)
  • Thank you for this CME opportunity. It was a good introduction to the tool of "motivational interviewing" that one often reads or hears about. -Dr. Larry, Oakton, Virginia USA (11/4/11)
  • Great program, easy to follow and implement. -Jon Lucas/ Omaha/ Nebraska (9/14/11)
  • Covers topics that are not emphasized in medical school or residency training. The course has increased my competency to screen patients with smoking, alcohol and substance issues. -Sacramento, CA (9/10/11)
  • this has changed my attitude significantly towards brief intervention/plan. -SBIRTTraining user (9/6/11)
  • A good crash course in learning which screening tools can be used in the office. -Philadelphia (9/6/11)
  • Great Program!! I learned a lot! -Iowa (9/2/11)
  • best learning experience with patient encounter. -SBIRTTraining user (8/30/11)
  • Very good learning experience. Also very convenient online structured program. -Chicago (8/21/11)
  • Excellent training program! I would recommend it to all Family Medicine Practitioners. -SBIRTTraining user (8/17/11)
  • highly educational. -SBIRTTraining User (8/17/11)
  • This was a great trainning, Thank you for this opportunity! -Natalia, El Dorado, AR (8/16/11)
  • It is practical and easy to follow -SBIRTTraining user (8/9/11)
  • Very useful information for the primary care provider -SBIRTTraining user 8/4/11)
  • This is a great program! - SBIRTTraining user (7/27/11)
  • excellent course.very educational. -SBIRTTraining user (7/27/11)
  • I highly recommend this course to primary care physicians! -GR/Chicago/IL (7/16/11)
  • This was a free training and I took it as a non-medical worker. I acutally am a CDP or chemical dependency professional and it ws very informative and showed me where I need improvement and knowlege and also where I am doing OK. -SBIRTTraining user (7/15/11)
  • I already prescribe suboxone for pts with narcotic abuse. This program was definitely and great training session that will help current and future patients with the strategies I learned and screening tools the program provided. -SBIRTTraining user (7/13/11)
  • Worthwile -Columbia, SC (7/5/11)
  • Everyone in the medical field should do this course! -Chicago, IL (6/30/11)
  • Awesome training for the experienced or novice practitioner in how to deal with this very important subject in primary care! -Catherine McDaniel/Lenoir/NC (6/26/11)
  • This is a very informative and valuable training -SBIRTTraining user (6/25/11)
  • Appreciated the array of drug and alcohol screens reviewed. -SBIRTTraining user (6/13/11)

SBIRT Motivational Interviewing Program Comments

All comments that are written on the program's post-training surveys:

  • I was taking this to determine if is will be useful for AODA treatment providers, because it is written for a primary care audience, but I can wholeheartedly say that AODA treatment providers will also benefit greatly from this training! -Guida Brown, Kenosha, WI (3/20/12)
  • I was happy to see the section on Adaptions for Primary care. It is often thought that Motivational Interviewing would take too much time in a Primary Care setting but with the methods learned in this section it seems very achievable. -D. Fraser. MD, GA (1/15/12)