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"This was one of the best training modules I have had to do because of the real-life examples."

Kasey Martin (02/24/2017)

"The SBIRT training provided me with the perfect amount of information needed to go about patient screenings and other helpful tips about patient care! It helped build the confidence I didn't have before."

Annegelica Lopez - Behavioral Health Aide, AK (04/06/2016)

"The training was easy-to-use and time-management-friendly. The training allows you to work at your own pace and if you have time for one module a day or one a week it is able to accommodate you. It was a very good training and very affordable as well in regards to other CEU and training programs."

Andrea Black - TN (02/06/2015)

"Straightforward, objective, clear [and] achievable goals on improving screening and treatment for substance misuse. Highly recommended!"

Carolyn Coveney, MD - NY (03/19/2016)

"The best online CME I have ever completed."

Scott Simpson - Psychiatry (09/06/2015)

"I've been a MH professional for 20 years and found this information beneficial for refreshing and enhancing my practice. Learning was easy, self-paced and, relevant to practical application. Thank you!"

Glori VanBrunt - MD (03/16/2016)

“This is indeed comprehensive, full of real-life experiences, and easy to grasp.”

Uche Obua - Family Nurse Practice, MI (01/30/2017)

“Motivational interviewing can be utilized at every patient encounter. Very helpful information to assist clients in a positive change toward wellness.”

Kathleen Fitzgerald, ARNP - Family Practice, IA (02/18/2017)

"The test questions were very helpful in assisting how to perform the interventions. I feel more comfortable knowing how and what to ask the patient."

Burlington, VT (12/30/2013)

"This is an excellent training program. I would highly recommend it to my collegues. It really helped me with techniques to use in follow-up and screening for substance abuse and alcohol."

Felicia James - MD (02/02/2015)

"Practical, efficient information to start seeing, and then hopefully using the tools of Motivational Interviewing in primary care."

Elizabeth J. Warner, MD Kalamazoo, MI (6/26/2014

“This training activity was informative and I am looking forward to utilizing the resources from this activity.”

Janay Taylor - Family Practice, MD (01/18/2017)

"The course is well-designed, well-organized and easily-accessed for professionals interested in learning more about how to effectively perform SBIRT to impact care delivery and/or care coordination and care management."

Anne Cunningham - MA (09/20/2015)

"This is an excellent training - I highly recommend it to anyone in health care. It is readily accessible, easy to complete and provides resources for further understanding. I think it should be mandatory training for all medical residency training programs."

Meg Chaplin, New Britain, CT (11/9/2013)

"Great training! It really made understanding the process of screening for substances, brief interventions, and MI easy to learn. I like all the resources provided as well."

Lisa Ho - Clinical Psychology, HI (10/22/2015)

"The program was excellent and insightful. It was interesting to see some of the obstacles I face on a daily base being presented."

Victor Ebenki MA - AK (06/02/2015)

"Comprehensive program. Case scenarios and video clips made it interesting."

Judy Murphy - Medical/Nursing Education (10/01/2015)

"This is a great educational tool for anyone in clinical practice. It provides a great variety of case examples in order to better prepare you for screening patients."

Hailey Sparks (02/21/2016)

"Very useful course, recommended to all primary care providers. Substance use disorders are not assessed and addressed adequately in many primary care clinics and the SBIRT training provides relatively simple tools to help effectively remedy this problem."


"This training has very valuable content, it is easy to navigate, and has provided me with great skills for primary care settings."

Rosa Wolff - OR (10/21/2016)

"I really enjoyed this training - it was comprehensive, to the point, and covered all the bases in a very effective and practical manner."

Mary Kenny-Corron - NY (10/02/2015)

"Definitely worthwhile!"

Kenner, LA (4/15/2014)

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this program!"

John Vigil, MD, Albuquerque, NM(4/23/2014)

"I'm so excited to use the techniques I've learned. I feel like I can make a difference."

Grass Valley, CA (2/7/2014)

"I loved this training!! Very clear and I could take my time in studying each section and completing the assessments."

Robert Pickett - AODA Counselor, WI (12/28/2015)

"Great online training program, easy-to-use, precise, very educational, and love all the educational articles at the end of each module."

Betty Thunder, WI (1/29/2014)

"SBIRT training was readily accessible, easy to navigate and very informative."

M. Nelsen, MD, Viborg, SD (04/6/2014)

This is probably one of the most useful sites for an introduction to motivational interviewing as it applies to medical practice. Highly recommended for any practicing provider."


"Online format is great. Helpful that you can return to module in progress at any time."

Debra Bebowicz (06/15/2015)

"A great way to learn effective skills that will improve health outcomes."

Frank C., New York, NY (3/28/2014)

"This was incredibly helpful in understanding the different tools available to help facilitate screening our patients."

Lisa Miller - ID (05/27/2015)

"Very informative and practical." user, 4/7/2013

"Easy and enjoyable learning method. Truly increased my competence in this area."


"Training was thought-provoking and easy to learn, as well as adopt to everyday practice."

Dennis Torres - Substance Abuse Counselor (01/26/2016)

"This SBIRT program was excellent and I hope to put the lessons I learned to use in my practice."

Steve Fetcho - VA (03/15/2015)

"This training was very helpful in providing information and examples of how to use motivational interviewing to address substance use."

Kristen McElroy - Behavioral Health Consultant (10/29/2015)

"Well organized and informative. Will make a difference in our pain practice."

Medord, OR (6/25/2014)

"This program will thoroughly help any provider in learning how to seamlessly screen patients for any substance abuse problems, assess their results, and motivate and follow-up with those patients with established problems. The online courses are easy to navigate, and are engaging to the student."

Jason, Columbus, OH (2/26/2014)

"Very informative CME opportunity! Great way to learn in a convenient online format!"

Tajuana Lordeus - Psychiatry, NC (3/5/2018)

"This program was a huge benefit. I'm very glad [I] took this training. Very easy to understand."

Raghbir Bir (08/13/2015)

"Well worth the time and energy! I learned a lot!"

Thomas J Romano, Martins Ferry, OH (2/2/2014)

"Very informative [and] easy to follow. Helpful to my practice."

Margaret Lovgren (01/30/2017)

“Excellent review of importance of improving interview/intervention communication techniques.”

Thomas Morrill - Outpatient Opioid Recovery, FL (01/08/2017)

"This is a great training and should be required of all staff in medical and behavioral health programs."

Maisha Kenyatta (11/12/2015)

"Enjoyed the program - was able to complete the training at my work site in between work site duties. Very helpful information for nurses who can be on the front lines of starting the assessment process."

Kingston, WA (2/25/2014)