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Site Information provides skills training for Primary Care Physicians.

As many as 20% of primary care patients have substance use problems and primary care physicians could have a significant impact on their problems through providing screening, brief interventions, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) (Mersy, 2003). However, the reality is that few PCPs are routinely providing substance use screening and even fewer provide an intervention with their patients (Roche and Freeman, 2004; D'Amico et al., 2005). One reason is lack of adequate training (McLellan et al., 2000; Miller et al., 2001). Training needs to go beyond providing knowledge of clinical skills; it must provide an opportunity to integrate the knowledge through practice of newly learned skills (Butzlaff et al., 2004).

Our website will increase the frequency with which primary care physicians screen for substance use problems, provide a brief intervention, and make a referral to treatment when appropriate. This will be achieved by expanding upon the experiences of successful SBIRT and similar programs and the latest evidence to create a state of the art website that provides training to primary care physicians to enhance their skills in screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for substance abuse. The website will also provide resources and networking opportunities to support their integration of SBIRT for substance abuse into their practices. Because the training is web-based, it will be scalable for any group size from the individual provider to whole organizations and can be easily deployed in a manner convenient to the busy schedule of most PCPs.

  • Clinicians who need more information and training on screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment.
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Resident Physicians who work in primary care

Clinical Tools will not share your personal information with any third parties. However, if taking one of our modules is part of your required coursework, your measurement data (e.g.pre/post tests) will be reported to your professor upon their request.

The website is being developed by Clinical Tools, Inc. This website is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA contract No. HHSN271200800038C).

In the About Us section, there is a brief overview of CTI, as well as a link to our corporate site.

Once you complete the "Buprenorphine Training: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 1: 8 of 24 hours]" or "SBIRT and Motivational Interviewing: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 2a: 5 of 24 hours]" and "Opioids, Pain, and Risk Reduction: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 2b: 11 of 24 hours]", your information is recorded in our records. If you have an NP or PA degree, your information is sent to SAMHSA at the beginning of the next work week.

Things to Note:

  • You will need to electronically send a copy of your training certificates with your waiver application via email to OR via fax to 301-576-5237.
  • You must have an NP or PA degree listed under your account in order for us to send off your information.
  • If you plan on applying for a waiver, you must select the full amount of credit for each section (8 hours for BupPractice, 5 hours for SBIRT, and 11 hours for OpioidRisk).

SAMHSA accepts applications from eligible NPs & PAs who have completed a total of 24 hours of qualifying waiver training. Once you have completed both parts of the waiver training activity (available across three websites), you may begin the waiver application by Qualify for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) Waiver. Upon your completion of the waiver training activity, Clinical Tools Inc. will send your name to SAMHSA to corroborate that you have completed the training. You MUST ALSO send your training certificates electronically, via email to OR via fax to 301-576-5237.

Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can prescribe narcotics, according to the DATA 2000 and CARA 2016 laws, can become waivered to prescribe buprenorphine. Providers must complete a training, 8 hours for physicians and 24 hours for NPs and PAs. Clinical Tools, Inc., the company that produced, offers waiver training through the website Although some of that training for NPs and PAs takes place on, you must register for the training through the website and enter the training from that website.

Site Content

SBIRT stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment. It is an approach to screening and early intervention for substance use disorders and people at risk for developing substance use disorders. SBIRT emphasizes combined effort of screening and treatment services as part of a cooperative system of early intervention.

The forums are an area of the website where participants can participate in discussions on various medical topics, as well as get to know the fellow users on the site.

The Resources Tab gives you the ability to navigate tagged resources relevant to the topics from the site.

Using the Site

Find the group/activity that you want to join and click the link. You will be taken to the activity, where you can see the module list of each activity.

Using the site resources is free. Users must pay in order to view and receive credit for completing Module Content.

After you create a (free) account you can use the PAY NOW button on the Activity Steps page. This is secure credit card payment handled by Pay Pal. You will see a charge from Clinical Tools, Inc. on your credit card bill.
Please contact us using the Contact link if you want to use a check or discuss group payment!

If you start the activity and are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your training fee. The request for a refund must be emailed to and be within 60 days of the original payment. Refunds will be in the original form of payment. If you complete the activity, we will not issue a refund.

Credits vary by module. Users will receive a set amount of CME credit hours upon completing the activity.

Users may view their certificate by accessing the relevant program.

The activity midpoint survey is a presented when you have completed half of the training program. We are only using the data from this survey to study the impact of our training activity. No data on individual responses will be reported. Your responses help us improve this and other training activities for future users.

Please be sure to always access the activity through the activity homepage, to ensure being able to progress through the modules correctly (Please do not "bookmark" pages directly). Once you enter through the activity homepage, you should get normal navigation.

A module will be marked in your transcript as complete when you have viewed all pages in the module. If you are missing a page, it will not be counted as complete.

Typically the missing page is the resources or references at the bottom of the list. If you progress through using the next button at the bottom right of the pages it should direct you through the Module Resources, then References. On the Reference page's left menu, the green progress bar will show a "Module Complete!" above it, with a button at the top of the References page to "Return to the Activity Homepage."

Occasionally, the module completion reporting from the activity home page takes a few minutes to update. If this should happen, please log out, and re-login, then access the activity homepage.

Additionally, you may also keep up with progress via your transcript, accessible from your activity homepage, via the button on the right-hand side of the screen titled, "View My Progress in This Activity".

GMail, Google Apps, and some other email accounts block the rendering of background images. For a valid OASAS certificate, please use the Print PDF functionality.

Clinical Tools includes multiple measures in our modules to assess changes in knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and intended behavior. We track this data for all users to assess the impact of our online curriculum.

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Please do not call. Support phone calls cannot be returned in a timely fashion.