Motivational Interviewing Activity-- Training Activity Introduction

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Motivational Interviewing Activity: What Will I Learn?

  • How to use several principles of motivational interviewing with primary care patients
  • How to compare the effectiveness of motivational interviewing to traditional medical approaches to counseling primary care patients with substance use problems
  • How to select the appropriate principles, techniques, and basic steps of motivational interviewing to meet the specific needs of primary care patients based on the current status of their substance use problems
  • How to apply motivational interviewing techniques in typical circumstances encountered in primary care with patients who have alcohol, tobacco, or other substance use problems
Activity Components
  • 1 hr activity. 1 module about using motivational interviewing techniques with patients having substance use problems.

Continuing Education Hours: 1 hour of FBD credit for completing the training

Pricing: Currently available at $20

Case Scenario:

Tobacco Patients

Ms. Amy Gold: Meet Amy Gold who came to see her doctor initially for "nerves" but after a few minutes said she was really there because she was afraid she was becoming an alcoholic.

How will you motivate her to stop drinking?

In the activity, review excerpts from motivational interviewing sessions to get a feeling for the variety of motivational interviewing techniques.


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