Coping With Stress

How to cope with stress

Coping With Stress


When stress is at a moderate level, you may be able to cope by getting involved with other projects that might distract or relax you. But sometimes you may find that you feel overwhelmed, and it can be hard to find ways to cope. Nothing is getting accomplished because you are just too stressed out.

You Don't Have to Be!

It is always a good idea to give yourself time to relax each day. These moments are critical when you are faced with a lot of stress. Otherwise, the stress can make you feel worse and even make you sick. If you are in a situation in which you are feeling undue stress, give yourself time to unwind. Clear your mind. Relax. Do something that you enjoy.

The following are some suggestions to help reduce stress:

• Listen to music

•Try a relaxation technique

• Exercise regularly

• Take a soothing bath

• Read a book

• Daydream

• Do absolutely nothing

• Take a few deep breaths

• Eat a well-balanced diet

• Cut back on caffeine

• Join a support group

• Get enough sleep

• Take a walk

• Talk with a friend

• Laugh

Is It Stress or Something Else?

If you feel that you can no longer deal with your stress or that it has overwhelmed you, seek professional help. You may be suffering from a more serious illness, such as an aniexty disorder. Share your symptoms with a healthcare provider, and he/she can help diagnose you and get you proper help.

Useful Websites

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