Talking to Your Teenager

Talking To Your Teenager

Talking to Your Teenager

Talking to your teenager about alcohol can be difficult. You may feel that they won't listen to you or you
may feel uncomfortable talking about this subject with them. Where do you start? How can you be
effective in communicating your message?

The following are tips to help you have a productive conversation:

      • Make sure to think about what you want to say before you talk with your teen.
      • Prepare yourself for your teen's responses and questions.
      • Choose a time when both you and your teen are relaxed to begin the discussion. Do not lecture.
         This should be an open conversation between you and your teen.
         During the Conversation...
      • Discuss your teen's view of alcohol. Listen to your teen closely.
      • You may want to state some facts about alcohol.
      • Talk about reasons not to drink, but do not use harsh language or scare tactics. Matter-of-factly
         state the consequences of drinking.
      • If your teen is drinking, brainstorm together about ways he/she can stop drinking.
      • Emphasize your confidence in your teen's ability to use good judgement and make good

After the Conversation...
      • Make sure to be actively involved. Know who your teen hangs out with, what activities he/she is
         involved in, and talk to other parents.
      • Set good examples for your teen to follow. If you do drink, do so in moderation.
      • Find activities that your teen can do during free time. The more active your teen is, the less likely
         he/she will turn to alcohol because of boredom.

And remember...
Think of this conversation as just the beginning of an open, honest, ongoing dialogue!