Alcohol and Your Pregnancy

Information about alcohol and your pregnancy

Alcohol and Your Pregnancy
   Becoming pregnant means added responsibility. You now have a baby growing inside of you. When
you eat, you eat for two. When you breathe, you breathe for two. And when you drink, you drink for two.
If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, you can jeopardize your baby's health. The most serious
condition resulting from drinking during pregnancy is called fetal alcohol syndrome.

Children with fetal alcohol syndrome may:
• Be born smaller than the average baby.
• Have problems with eating, sleeping, seeing, and hearing.
• Have trouble learning to do simple things.
• Have a hard time getting along with others and controlling their behavior.
• Need specialized medical attention their entire lives.
• Need special teachers and schools.

To protect your baby, you should not drink any type of alcohol. If you drink and can't stop, speak with
your provider.
   Remember...whenever you drink alcohol, your baby is drinking it, too!