How to Reduce Your Drinking

Tips on reducing your drinking

How to Reduce Your Drinking

• Make a list of reasons why you want to reduce drinking.

• There may be multiple reasons you want to cut back on your alcohol intake. These may include such things as the desire to improve one's relationships or simply to better one's health.

• Set a drinking goal.

• Come up with a limit on how much you can drink.

• It may be helpful to consult a health care provider regarding your goal.

• Write down your goal and put it somewhere you will see it.

• Keep a diary of how much you drink.

• Keep track of how much and when you drink.

• A diary will help you track your successes and recognize patterns.

• Drink slowly.

• Always sip your drinks.

• Take a break between drinks (at least one hour).

• Drink beverages like water or juice after drinking alcohol.

• Eat food while you are drinking, and never drink on an empty stomach.

• Take breaks from alcohol.

• Try to abstain in a situation where you would normally drink.

• Pick a day and don't drink at all, and then pick a week and do the same -- working up to longer periods of abstinence.

• Think about how you feel physically and emotionally on days that you don't drink.

• Get more comfortable saying no to others.

• Practice saying no to people who offer you drinks.

• Avoid people who pressure you to drink.

• Stay active.

• Use your time and money on things other than drinking

. • Spend time with friends, exercise, see a movie, etc.

• Get support.

• Surround yourself with people who will be supportive of your desire to cut back on your drinking.

• See a health care provider if you need help.

• Watch for temptations.

• Keep little or no alcohol in your home.

• Learn to recognize people and places that trigger the urge to drink.

• Plan ahead and know what you will do if faced with the temptation to drink.

• Do not give up!

• Know that it takes time to cut down or quit. Change does not happen overnight.

• Keep trying and striving toward your goal.

• If you get discouraged, seek help. Talk to your doctor about resources. Share your struggle with someone who has similar goals.