Personalized Reasons for Quitting Tobacco Use

Personalized Reasons for Quitting Tobacco Use

Personalized Reasons for Quitting Tobacco Use

(Stated in positive terms)

For Any User

• Save money. Money not spent on tobacco products, insurance costs, and health services will be available for personal benefit

• Feel better

• Improve ability to exercise, perform better in sports

• Live a healthier life, one more likely to live long enough to enjoy retirement years, grandchildren

• Be more likely to work successfully, have less illness

• Eliminate smell of cigarettes on body and clothes

• Decrease the following:

• Chronic sore mouth/sore throat

• Hacking cough

• Rough, deepened voice

• Shortness of breath

• White patches in the mouth that may be precancerous

• Bad breath

• Stained, hairy tongue

• Stained teeth and fillings

• Eroded teeth and cavities (for users of certain forms of smokeless tobacco)

• Gum recession (smokeless tobacco)

For Pregnant Women

• Lower rate of spontaneous abortion and fetal death

• Decrease risk of having a low birth weight baby

• Decrease risk of maternal complications

For Parents

• Lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome

• Decrease coughing and fewer respiratory illnesses in children

• Decrease ear infections in children

• Become a better role model for children

For Teenage Users

• Show that you are not easily manipulated by misleading advertising

• Feel free of fear of being caught be parents

• Independence; behavior not controlled by nicotine  

• Improve appearance, which may make it easier to to get a job and/or become more attractive to others

• Money for fun things; doesn't burn money

For New Users

• Quit while it is easier, before habit becomes stronger

• Be more socially acceptable

• Make life less complicated without the distraction and mess

For Long-Term Users

• Decrease risk of heart disease, lung disease, and cancer over time

• Reduce damage to pulmonary function

• Improve physical performance

• Improve ability to taste, smell, and feel well

• Increase chances of recovering years of invested social security payments

For Adults With No Symptoms

• Cut risk of heart disease in half

• Reduce risk of getting emphysema as much as 6 times

• Reduce risk of lung cancer by 90%

• Have a longer lifespan

• Save cost of tobacco products

• Save cost of sick leave

• Save cost of health services

• Reduce bad breath

• Become more socially acceptable

• Have fewer wrinkles and avoid looking older than you are

• Reduce health risks to family, friends, and coworkers

For Adults with Symptoms

• Reduce upper respiratory infections, cough

• Clear sore throat/mouth

• Stop progressive shortness of breath

• Reduce aggravation of ulcers

• Lower risk and frequency of chest pains

• Reduce circulation problems

• Stop progressive weakening and thinning of bones

• Reduce or eliminate painful swallowing

• Eliminate gum diseases

• Reduce and avoid costly health services

Reproduced From: Mecklenburg RE, Christen AG, Gerbert B, et al. How to Help Your Patients Stop Using Tobacco. A National Cancer Institute Manual for the Oral Health Team. Smoking and Tobacco Control Program, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Public Health Service, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1998:53-56.