Patient Handout: Reasons for Any User to Quit Tobacco

This patient handout gives reasons for quitting tobacco (e.g., improve health, more money).
  • Avoid tobacco-related illness (e.g., certain forms of cancer, cardiac disease)

  • Save a lot of money by quitting (for example, a person who quits a 1.5-pack-per-day smoking habit could save $194.40 in a month, $2,332.80 in a year, $11,664.00 in 5 years, or $23,328.00 in 10 years [Lindblom, 2005])

  • Feel much better

  • Improve physical and athletic performance

  • Live a healthier life; live long enough to enjoy retirement, grandchildren, etc.

  • Be more likely to work successfully, have fewer illnesses

  • Eliminate the smell of cigarettes on body, clothes, car, and home

  • Enjoy the taste of food more

  • Improve one's sense of smell

  • Decrease the following:

    • chronic sore mouth/sore throat
    • hacking cough
    • rough, deepened voice
    • shortness of breath
    • periodontal disease
    • white patches in the mouth that may be precancerous
    • bad breath
    • stained, hairy tongue
    • stained teeth and fillings
    • eroded teeth and cavities (for users of certain forms of smokeless tobacco)
    • gum recession (smokeless tobacco)
    • impotency
    • infertility
    • stained fingers
    • wrinkling/aging of skin
  • Feel better about yourself

  • Stop worrying about quitting

  • Set a good example for children