Patient Handout: Reasons for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

This patient handout gives reasons for quitting smokeless tobacco (e.g., improve appearance, improve sports performance, improve health, and more money).

If You Quit

  • You'll be more attractive:

    • you won't be spitting all the time
    • your face won't be disfigured by a bulge of tobacco
    • your breath won't smell of stale tobacco
    • your kisses won't taste of tobacco
    • your teeth won't have tobacco stains
  • You'll be free of a powerful addiction and more in control of yourself.

  • You'll have more money to spend on other things.

  • You'll lower your risk for health problems associated with smokeless tobacco:

    • disfiguring and life-threatening oral cancer
    • tooth loss and gum problems
    • life-threatening heart problems and stroke
    • for fertile females: adverse effects on your baby
  • You'll improve your sports performance. Sports performance is actually impaired by smokeless tobacco, not improved.

  • You'll be independent of the attempts by the tobacco industry to manipulate you into using their product.