What Can You Do?


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What Can You Do To Help These Patients?
Mr. Rennie
Mr. Nathan Rennie has a torn ACL and sees you for a pre-operative appointment.
He has 2-3 drinks a day. Is that a problem?
Mr. Martin
Mr. Mike Martin is suffering from the flu and admits to drinking 5 drinks several times per week. He's a bartender.
Will discussing substance use do any good?
Ms. Mason
Ms. Ashley Mason is visiting the clinic for an upper respiratory infection, which she has frequently. She smokes one and a half packs per day and has smoked for the past ten years.
Do you have the time to help her quit smoking?
Mrs. Capello
Mrs. Elise Capello had a brief intervention at her last appointment to help her reduce her drinking to healthy limits, but she has not reduced her drinking and has started using sedatives to manage her "nerves."
Where do you refer her? What follow up is needed?