SBIRT in Practice


This page is part of a larger SBIRT training activity provided by Clinical Tools, Inc. Our SBIRT activities provide clinical skills training for substance use problems to primary care providers, counselors, and students alike.
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Meet Your Patients:

Ms. Cosgrove
Ms. Cosgrove has been feeling fatigued for the past four months and has been experiencing insomnia. She reports no emotional or other health problems.
How can SBIRT be applied during her office visit?
Ms. Armansky
Ms. Armansky says she has been extremely anxious lately and is requesting lorazepam. Her screening results suggest drug abuse.
What is the next step?
Mr. Williams
Mr. Williams is currently in the hospital recovering from emergency gall bladder surgery.
Should his substance use problem be addressed at this time?
Note that within each case, there is a section in which you can choose from a list of screening tools or interview questions/statements and view how the patient responds to each choice. You will be given the option of trying each choice to see how the patient's response differs or continuing with the case.