Case Study - Ms. Ashley Mason


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Ashley Mason, 28 yo female with upper respiratory infection

Ms. Mason has responded positively to the pre-screening question about whether or not she ever used tobacco by saying that she smokes.

The following dialogue illustrates how Nurse Brown continued to screen Ms. Mason:

[A question asking whether tobacco use is current or past can be skipped because Ms. Mason volunteered that she currently smokes. But she did not say what she smokes.]

Nurse Brown: Do you smoke cigarettes? [Ms. Mason nods] What brands?

Ms. Mason: A variety of non-menthol cigarettes

Nurse Brown: How long have you smoked?

Ms. Mason: Around 10 years

Nurse Brown: How much do you smoke per day now?

Ms. Mason: A pack and a half. I cut back from 2 packs per day.

Nurse Brown: That's great that you could do that. Do you usually smoke in the first 30 minutes after waking up?

Ms. Mason: Yes, it usually is within a half hour of waking.

Nurse Brown: Are you interested in quitting?

Ms. Mason: Not really; not now.

Nurse Brown: Have you ever used nicotine replacement products or other medication to help you quit smoking?

Ms. Mason: I use the patch when I can't smoke somewhere, but never to help me quit.