Meet Your Patient: Ms. Joanne Cosgrove


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Case Info

Patient Name: Joanne Cosgrove   Age: 44 y/o

Height: 5' 4"   Weight: 144 lbs   

BP: 124/84   Pulse: 93    Respiration: 14/min  

Chief Complaint: Fatigue, low energy, insomnia

History of Present Illness: Onset of fatigue about 4 months ago, insomnia for the past 2 months. Nothing has changed in her life, so she is not sure what caused these symptoms "out of nowhere." Reports no pain, no depression or anxiety symptoms, no other health problems or changes.

Medical History: Placenta previa resulting in healthy live birth (1999), cholecystectomy, rhinoplasty, childhood asthma. Family history of lung cancer, skin cancer, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis.

Medications: No prescription medication. Vitamin D 500 IU, fish oil 1000mg bid, women's multivitamin, loratadine (as needed for seasonal allergies), diphenhydramine (as needed for insomnia).

Laboratory Results: There are currently no laboratory results available.

Case Objectives
The goals for this case are to apply the following skills learned earlier in the activity:

  1. Select an appropriate screening/assessment tool
  2. Screen Ms. Cosgrove for substance use problems
  3. Interpret the screening results from a widely used screening tool for alcohol use
  4. Discuss screening results and concerns with Ms. Cosgrove
  5. Determine if brief intervention or other treatment is warranted