SBIRT: Referral to Treatment & Follow-up Care

The learner will improve care management and referral skills for treatment of substance use disorders. The learner will improve follow-up and reassessment skills for primary care patients who have received a brief intervention for substance-related issues as well as patients who have been referred for specialty treatment of substance use disorders.

: 1 hr

After completing this activity participants will be able to:

  • Follow-up with patients who have received brief interventions for substance use problems

  • Determine the need to refer a patient for treatment of a substance use disorder

  • Select the proper type of treatment for patients with substance use disorders

  • Prepare the patient for a referral for substance use disorder through education, motivation, and follow-up

  • Collaborate effectively with the specialist to ensure ongoing patient care after referral for substance use disorder

Professional Practice Gaps

Fewer than one-third of primary care physicians make a referral after identifying a substance abuse problem (CASA, 2000). A majority of specialists and primary care providers in a survey or 4720 physicians perceived communications from the other professional group to be inadequate (O'Malley & Reschovsky, 2011). Additionally, primary care providers need to understand the different types of specialty treatment so that they can make appropriate referrals for their substance abuse patients (SAMHSA, 2008).

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